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  1. The main purpose of EZAF is the investigation of Antiziganism in all of Europe as well as in all other countries where Sinti and Roma live. It focuses its scientific interest on the past just as well as the present of antziganistic attitudes and actions – with a special emphasis on the Holocaust.
  2. EZAF supports through its own projects and publications the scientific review of antiziganistic mentalities in the public institutions and organisations (school, state authority, administration, politics, media, etc.).
  3. EZAF is well aware of the role of science in the historical discrimination and persecution of the Roma and Sinti. From this follows a) a self-reflexive reorientation of scientific thinking (in the sense of newer philosophical and science-theoretical insights) as well as b) an equally balanced representation of Roma and Sinti in the bodies of the assocation. Furthermore, EZAF tries for an amicable arrangement with the Rom and Cinti-Union in Hamburg.
  4. EZAF shall be connected to the University of Hamburg as an affiliated institute, to ensure a preferably close cooperation between the established sciences and the Center. The cooperation with European and non-European scientific institutes and university facilities will be initiated and expanded.
  5. The mission of the Center is to introduce the problem of Antiziganism to the majority population by using the terminological instruments of scientific analysis and bringing its results into the public discourse.
  6. The insights gained through empirical observation and scientific analysis about the spread and intensity of antiziganistic attitudes shall be documented and published in a data collection, to make them available for the broader public as well as interested students.
  7. The Center has the aim to create a cooperative network between all the actors in the fields of scientific analysis and political action against Antiziganism, hopefully strengthening the position and working abilities of all involved.
  8. Furthermore, EZAF develops practical examples for the educational fight against Antiziganism and the prevention of minority discrimination.
  9. An archive shall be created concerning the persecution and annihilation history of nationalism and Antiziganism.